The Port of Virginia is an important factor in the lives of every Virginian

because it improves their quality of life by providing access to goods made in Virginia and those things made overseas that are consumed across the Commonwealth. It is this global reach that helps the port attract businesses, create jobs, and investment.

A recent study by The College of William & Mary showed the port had a significant, positive effect on Virginia’s economy in fiscal year 2018, (FY18), which was from July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019.

The growth over five years is clear:

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This port is a gateway to world markets and an economic engine for Virginia.

The naturally-deep harbor, modern terminals, and world-class service attract big ships and millions of cargo containers filled with goods valued in the billions every year. The management and movement of these containers and their contents are the drivers of jobs and business investment across Virginia.

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From 2015 to 2024, Virginia will have invested nearly $1.5 billion on its port. 

Expansion of the two primary cargo terminals in the Norfolk Harbor; improvements to Richmond Marine Terminal; expanding the capabilities Virginia Inland Port in Front Royal; and dredging to make Virginia home to the deepest seaport on the U.S. East Coast.

Virginia International Gateway's expansion brings more capacity for Virginia to handle cargo faster.

These investments send a clear message: 
Virginia is open for business
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Larry Ewan

Business Development Manager,

Continental Terminals, INC.

"This is such a cooperative and spirit-filled Port of Virginia, that all of us, right down to our warehouseman, feel the effect, see the effect and are able to grow and work more harmoniously and carry that back to their families and communities.”

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Murray Bishop

Senior Manager, Export and Logistics,


"Our relationship with The Port of Virginia allows us to get our products to our export customers in a timely and efficient manner. The ongoing  and future port improvements are vital to us maintaining our competitive edge and ensuring that we stay right here in Virginia Beach.”


Ben Buben

Executive Director, Operations and Business Development, Pasha Automotive Services

"Adding new locations is another way we can better serve our customers. With the support of the port management team, we’ve already proven we can have operations up and running in as little as 48 hours!”

The journey of cargo

Each container leaving and coming to Virginia is touched multiple times in its journey to its final destination. This is how something as simple as a light bulb ends up in a home. All of the touches in the journey of any container arriving or departing The Port of Virginia are important for many reasons. The contents of that container are valuable and the touches ensure the safe, efficient and reliable movement of that container. The touches come from working Virginians, people who are earning paychecks that are used to pay mortgages, buy groceries, purchase goods and services (like light bulbs) and drive the Virginia economy. 

In every region and community in the state, the port contributes to quality of life by attracting businesses that produce good jobs, benefits, and investments in their communities.

Whether it’s the Volvo Truck plant in Dublin; American Woodmark in Winchester; Universal Corp. in Richmond; or the Dollar Tree corporate headquarters in Chesapeake, The Port of Virginia connects us to a world of opportunity. 

A growing and thriving port is a catalyst for commerce. Your continued support of The Port of Virginia ensures our ability to make strong contributions to Virginia’s future.